Thanking Nancy Morton for her Contributions to the Preservation of New Mexico’s Wilderness

Thank you for your contributions to the Preservation of New Mexico’s Wilderness

Nancy Morton, New Mexico Wild Founding Board Member

By Tisha Broska

I first met Nancy as a New Mexico volunteer over 20 years ago. We were at a board meeting in El Malpais, where the Board was officially naming our first Executive Director. Being new to New Mexico, I found the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance (New Mexico Wild) a very warm and welcoming group. A short time later, I started working for New Mexico Wild, and it was clear that Nancy was at the heart of that warmth.

She and Dave would throw the best Christmas parties each year.  With Nancy’s homemade eggnog, salmon moose, and guacamole, everyone was always happy.

Nancy was a river-lover, spending much of her summers paddling the West.  My first river trip was organized by Nancy in 2000 on the Chama River.  I was most impressed when I saw her organize the food for the trip and assign duties around the camp.

Nancy was a wonderful volunteer for New Mexico Wild.  Beyond her commitment as a Board Member, she was working behind the scenes of many of our annual conferences, supporting staff at numerous events, and showing up at volunteer service projects.  Most recently, Nancy got to pull out her amazing, well-stocked First Aid Kit at a Service Project in the Sabinoso Wilderness to tend to a snake bite.

Nancy’s generosity goes far beyond food and volunteering. She was a monthly donor to New Mexico Wild since 2003, providing that backbone support to keep the organization going.

We will miss you Nancy, but we will remember your wonderful inspiration, your generosity, and your relentless commitment to Wilderness and wildlife. To keep your fiery heart for Wilderness burning, the New Mexico Wild Board of Directors passed a resolution to create the Nancy Morton Wilderness Internship.  During Nancy’s tenure on the Board, New Mexico increased its designated Wilderness areas by 389,576 acres.

Nancy Morton passed away on January 16, 2021 at her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  A life celebration is being planned for the Summer 2021, when we can hopefully come together in person.

If you have stories about Nancy you would like to share, please send them to  We will be compiling information to share with her family. If you’d like to make a donation to in Nancy’s memory to support the Nancy Morton Wilderness Internship, click here.

More on Nancy’s life and legacy from Rewilding Earth.

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