Crafting Change: Write an Impactful Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed

Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds written by community members are tools that play a crucial role in our work to protect New Mexico’s Wilderness, wildlife, and water. They amplify community voices, raise awareness, influence decision-makers, and foster community engagement, making them instrumental in moving conservation issues forward and effecting positive change.

Should I write an LTE or an Op-Ed?

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (LTEs) are most often written by readers or concerned citizens in response to a recently published article or community event. An LTE is typically more concise than an op-ed and is found adjacent to the editorial page.

When to opt for a letter to the editor:

  • Time is of the essence with LTEs! It’s the best choice when you wish to voice your opinion on recent news in a shorter format.
  • If you aim to have your thoughts or concerns reach a wider audience and want to engage in community discussions, a letter to the editor is a direct and impactful way to contribute.

Ready to write a Letter to the Editor? Follow our step-by-step guide here.


An op-ed, short for “opposite the editorial page,” typically allows for more space compared to a letter to the editor. Op-eds are commonly authored by a newspaper’s readers, community members, well-known individuals, and experts in the field.

When to consider writing an op-ed:

  • It’s a good choice when you aim to express your perspective on recent news.
  • If you want to establish yourself or your organization as a thought leader, writing an op-ed is an effective strategy to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Ready to write an op-ed? Follow our step-by-step guide here.

If you have questions about this process or would like to connect with a staff member for support in writing your LTE or op-ed, please reach out to New Mexico Wild’s Communications Coordinator by emailing