Chaco Canyon

Nusenda Members

As a member of New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, you are eligible to join Nusenda Federal Credit Union. Nusenda offers an exclusive Community Rewards Program that can benefit both you and the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. You can change your world, one purchase at a time – all you need to participate are a Credit Union checking account and a Visa® Check Card.

When you enroll in Community Rewards, you select a community and category for your Credit Union’s annual gift-giving: Environment and Wildlife, Education, Healthcare, The Arts, or Community Support. Whenever you make signature-based purchases (just say “credit”), you’ll earn 0.25% cash rewards that are deposited to your checking account each July. Then, each year, Nusenda makes a matching contribution to your designated area of support.

Detailed information about this valuable membership benefit is available at the Credit Union’s website, You can join Nusenda by visiting any of their branch offices or by calling 889-7755 (or 800-347-2838) Monday through Saturday.