Legacy Giving / Bequest

Leaving a Bequest to New Mexico Wild in your Will

Many people use a bequest in their will to make a contribution to a charitable organization that is working on issues that have been important in their life. If protecting wilderness and New Mexico’s public lands and water is important to you, please consider this type of gift to New Mexico Wild.

A bequest is a provision of your will or trust that directs a particular sum of money to be given to a particular person or entity after your death. Bequests create a valuable method of making contributions to civic and charitable organizations.

Donors may choose a bequest because it offers some specific advantages:

A bequest is not payable until death. It does not affect your assets during your lifetime.

A bequest is revocable. You can change the instructions in your will or trust at any time.

A bequest is private. Your will is not filed or made public until your death. While it is private, if you notify New Mexico Wild of your bequest intention, we will honor that intention with a Lifetime Membership in the organization.

A bequest may provide tax advantages. You may earn a Federal Estate Tax deduction to lower tax obligations to your family. (See your tax advisor for specific advice on your personal situation.)

Please let us know if you have chosen New Mexico Wild as the recipient of a bequest in your will or trust. This allows our organization to assure that your gift intentions are met and to show our appreciation for your commitment during your lifetime. Below is the legal designation language you and your attorney will want to use to name New Mexico Wild in your will or trust.

If you wish to name New Mexico Wild in your will, trust, or estate plan, we should be named as:

New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, a non-profit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of New Mexico, with principal business address of 317 Commercial St NE, Suite 300, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Please note that the legal name of New Mexico Wild is the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.

Tax identification number: 85-0457916
Date of incorporation: May 1997

New Mexico Wild is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you need assistance, or have questions about bequests or other forms of planned giving, please contact:

Tisha Broska at tisha@nmwild.org, 505-321-6131

Download the optional New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Legacy Donor Letter of Intent