Lower San Francisco River WSA Volunteer Weekend


At Lower San Francisco River Canyon WSA in the Gila National Forest

The Lower San Francisco Wilderness Study Area has seen some degradation over the years due to vehicle incursions up and down the river corridor from a lack of proper signage and barriers. In an effort to mitigate these issues and restore this area back to its natural conditions, New Mexico Wild in partnership with the Glenwood Ranger District on the Gila National Forest is hosting a volunteer weekend to get some of this work done!

When: Friday, November 3rd - Sunday, November 5th
Where: Lower San Francisco River Canyon WSA in the Gila National Forest

Work will include:

  • 3-day overnight trip into the Lower San Francisco River Canyon Wilderness Study Area (WSA) (camping will either be a car camp base site near the WSA boundary or a spike camp established by the river utilizing a UTV to shuttled camp gear.  The final determination will be based on UTV availability a few weeks before workdays and volunteers will be notified so appropriate camp gear can be brought)
  • A 5-mile hike in and out (pack support from FS, they will bring all our gear and tools via ATV)
  • Work will include boundary sign placement, gabion baskets rock placement to delineate where roads are closed and prevent motorized travel beyond closure, sign placement to ID open roads, and trash clean up.

Volunteers are asked to bring:

  • Camping gear (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, boots, etc.)
  • Work gloves (the Forest Service will have some on hand, but good to have a backup pair)
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks EXCEPT for Saturday night)
  • A positive attitude!

Please RSVP by October 27th using the form below. Trip details will be sent to registrants via email as the trip approaches.