New Mexico Wild is excited to announce the winners to our 2021-2022 Recipe Contest!

By Emma Yoder

In the fall, New Mexico Wild announced a Recipe Contest. Last year, Nancy Morton Intern Isa Noelles created a backcountry recipe book. To celebrate the book and Isa’s hard work, New Mexico Wild decided to host the recipe contest. Participants could submit up to four recipes within four categories: Breakfast, Entrees, Trail Snacks and Desserts. All recipes needed to be accessible for campers and backpackers. Each submission also had to include detailed instructions and a photo of the prepared recipe.

Each winning recipe received a prize. First place winners received a fuel jet stove and REI soft cooler. Second place winners received an REI fanny pack and New Mexico Wild baseball cap. Third place winners received a New Mexico Wild water bottle and an REI gift card. Thank you to REI for donating some of our awesome prizes!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a recipe, and congratulations to all our winners! Check out all their awesome recipes below.


1st Place, Amy Jordan, Backcountry Green Chile Scrambled Eggs

2nd place, Kari Converse, Camping Mexican Latte

3rd place, Jeff De Bellis, Polenta & Eggs


1st place, Kevin Cook, Campfire Potatoes

2nd place, Jordan Ganley Tuna Mac & Cheese

3rd place, Savannah Gold, Ramen Bomb

Trail Snacks:

1st place, Benjamin Luchini, Ben’s Fruit & Nut Trail Bars

2nd place, Mary Shivers, Into the Wild Sweet & Salty Trail Mix


1st place, Mary Shivers, Happy Camper Berry Pineapple Skillet Cake

2nd place, Doc, Bombay Apple

Read the recipes here