New Mexico Wild Joins America the Beautiful Freshwater Challenge 

New Mexico Wild is proud to announce our participation in the America the Beautiful Freshwater Challenge, a national initiative launched by President Biden to protect and restore our nation’s vital water resources. This partnership aims to conserve 8 million acres of wetlands and restore 100,000 miles of rivers and streams by 2030.

As a member of this challenge, we join a diverse coalition of Tribal entities, local governments, businesses, and fellow conservation organizations committed to safeguarding New Mexico’s precious waterways. This effort is particularly crucial for our state, where the recent Sackett decision has left many of our waterways, including ephemeral streams and rivers like the Jemez, without Clean Water Act protections.

Our participation aligns with our ongoing work to protect the state’s rivers, streams, and watersheds. We recognize the critical role these water resources play in our arid state, supporting wildlife, ecosystems, and communities. By joining this challenge, we strengthen our ability to advocate for and implement effective conservation strategies, complementing efforts outlined in New Mexico’s 50-year water action plan.

This initiative offers an opportunity to address the unique challenges facing New Mexico’s waters, from drought to flooding, and to ensure their protection for future generations. We look forward to collaborating with partners across the state and nation to develop innovative solutions that will preserve our vital water resources.

Stay tuned for updates on our efforts and ways you can support this crucial work to protect New Mexico’s waters!