Santa Fe New Mexican Editorial: In the Pecos, push intensifies to halt return of mining

Image Credit: Stop Tererro Mine Coalition (

A recent editorial published in the Santa Fe New Mexican provides an overview of the current push by the Stop Tererro Mine Coalition for an Administrative Mineral Withdrawal in the Upper Pecos Watershed:

“This tool temporarily limits certain activities on public land, including hard-rock mining or mineral or geothermal leasing. The withdrawals can be granted as a way of protecting water, cultural, ecological, scientific, scenic, historic and archaeological resources in the area — all of which are present in the Pecos.”

The Coalition has successfully presented administrative withdrawal resolutions to the San Miguel County Commission and the Village of Pecos. While it is not a permanent solution, administrative withdrawal would place a hold on future mining development while permanent protection through legislative action is considered, such as the “Pecos Watershed Protection Act.” Read the full editorial from the Santa Fe New Mexican here.