New Mexico Wild statement on Interior’s proposal to withdraw lands in Greater Chaco region from oil and gas leasing

New Mexico Wild Executive Director Mark Allison has issued the following statement in response to an announcement by President Joe Biden and the Department of the Interior that it is proposing a withdrawal of all federally-managed public lands within ten miles of Chaco Culture National Historical Park from future oil and gas lease sales for the next 20 years and initiating a landscape-level assessment of oil and gas leasing in the region:

“The Department of the Interior’s proposal to remove the Greater Chaco region from the oil and gas leasing process is the right one and reflects a sea change in how the department approaches the federal leasing program and stakeholder engagement. With over 90 percent of this region already leased, the time is now to conserve lands cherished by the sovereign Pueblos and Tribes of New Mexico. This administrative withdrawal will buy more time to continue to push legislation to permanently protect these lands, the artifacts found on them, and the starry night skies above. It’s encouraging to see that Interior is now committed to involving Indigenous communities in its management decisions thanks to the leadership of Secretary Deb Haaland and President Biden. The announcement today begins a public comment period and we need everyone to raise up their voice in support.”

3 thoughts on “New Mexico Wild statement on Interior’s proposal to withdraw lands in Greater Chaco region from oil and gas leasing

  1. Chaco Canyon and its surrounding area is an amcient sacred site. It should be a world heritage site, in order to preserve the wisdom and higher intelligence that the Indigenous Peoples used to create it
    and which was built mathematically, astronomically and spiritually into the site, connecting it with the Sun, the seasons, the galaxy and the earth. So called modern ‘civilized’ humans dont build with this kind of sophistication and awareness of their connection to all that is, today. The principles behind the building of Chaco are ancient and far more valuable than raping the Earth for fossil fuels yet again, for short term gain, that is also contributing to destroying the Earth and all living beings on Her.
    It’s time to wake up and support LIFE, in whole, connected, aligned and beneficial ways! DO NOT MINE Chaco Canyon or anywhere near it!

  2. Thankyou Maureen and well said. I’ve been to Chaco several times and realize what a treasure it is . Places like it and all sacred indigenous sites in New Mexico and the 4 corner states must be protected forever.

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