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More than two decades ago, our founders articulated a conservation ethic in the state of New Mexico aligned with our nation’s landmark Wilderness Act of 1964. Dedicated to the rights and the value of citizen involvement, this organization began listening to and amplifying that citizen voice to protect our increasingly rare wild places within our public lands.

To this day we remain exclusively dedicated to protecting Wilderness. We ask citizens to join us in this effort to preserve what is ours as a nation—that which should never be diminished by the desires of commerce or thoughtless action. We accomplish this goal by pursuing our ends through the democratic process.

We each live but a short time and we cannot forget these lands that others kept open for us. It is for this experience of full life on Earth we rededicate ourselves every day, trusting Wilderness will remain widely consecrated by citizens as theirs to conserve.

Beyond our human intentions lies the evidence that Wilderness belongs. The landscapes, both majestic and subtle, give home and sustenance to this earth’s unfathomable diversity. Within a human life span, it lives. And beyond a human life span it lives, moving to its own timepiece, if we only allow it.

Just as freedom is every American’s birthright so too is Wilderness. We know they are inseparable. We hold this truth dearly as we preserve Wilderness from generation to generation for us, for all species and for its own sake.

By donating to the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance you will help preserve New Mexico’s wild places for your own enjoyment and help ensure that future generations may enjoy them too. The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is the premier wilderness organization in New Mexico. Help us speak with a louder, stronger voice in support of wilderness protection.

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