Supporting New Mexico Wild

New Mexico Wild’s Wilderness Legacy Fund provides a way for donors to protect our public lands far into the future. The Fund is designed to accept gifts through bequests and other planned giving methods, but outright donations to the Fund are welcome.

The Wilderness Legacy Fund is considered a long-term investment by our organization. This Fund is structured as a quasi-endowment, or what has been historically known as “funds functioning as endowments” and are not permanent funds. Income from investment in the Fund and/or principal may be used for special needs as directed by New Mexico Wild’s Board of Directors. Any withdrawal from the Legacy Fund requires formal approval from the Board and must comply with donor intent.

The Legacy Fund is ideal for unrestricted gifts because the future needs of the organization may change, and unrestricted gifts offer the greatest flexibility. However, restricted gifts for a specific purpose may also be accepted for the Fund with approval from the New Mexico Wild Executive Director.

The Wilderness Legacy Fund is administered and invested by the New Mexico Foundation with headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Donate to the Wilderness Legacy Fund

If you would like to donate to the Wilderness Legacy Fund, please click here. You may also contact Tisha Broska, Deputy Director of New Mexico Wild, at or 505-321-6131.

The legal name of New Mexico Wild is the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of New Mexico with its principal address of PO Box 25464, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125.

Tax identification number: 85-0457916
Incorporated May 1997