As New Mexico Wild supporters know, Wilderness area designation is the conservation gold standard and the highest level of protection for federal public lands. It literally takes an act of Congress to create “Big W” Wilderness. The Wilderness Act of 1964 honors our history and our cultural heritage. Wilderness helps our watersheds and air quality and the overall health of our planet. Wilderness provides critical habitat for threatened species and supports biodiversity.

Protect Our Public Lands

With less than 3 percent of New Mexico’s total land area protected as Wilderness, we at New Mexico Wild are working hard to build support for permanent protections of millions more acres of wild public lands.

Without formal protection, these special places that New Mexicans care so much about face oil and gas development, mining, commercial logging, off-road vehicles, road building and other threats that would destroy the very things we love about our public lands.


Help us honor the vision and dedication of the Wilderness Act, by protecting the wild lands we still have left.