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In addition, our managing Archeologist at Jemez said that at the end of October, beginning of November, there will be opportunities for volunteers to assist in the field.  Volunteers would be helping with archeological/cultural site protection.  Folks can assist the forest archeologist with many different modes & methods of site protection, debris clean-up/removal, documentation, and site acquisition.  There would be hiking and packs with provisions for the day would be needed.


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Benefits of Being a Volunteer

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  • Meet new people
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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities!

Sept. 21, 22, 24, 25:  There is Vegetation monitoring for grass/wildflower production and utilization by wildlife and livestock.  Volunteers will collect “clip plot” samples all over the Park/Preserve to assess the amount of forage grown by grasses and forbs, and compare these amounts to those grown inside grazing exclosures (without elk or livestock).

Sept. 28, 29, 30, Oct. 1, 2:  There is Fisheries monitoring.  Volunteers will assist with sampling fish communities in streams of the Jemez Mountains, using battery-operated electroshocking instruments.  These stun the fish, allowing them to be netted by volunteer biologists, taken to a processing station in buckets, identified, measured, weighed and then released back into the stream.

Our Projects

Valles Caldera Fence Removal
Volunteer Service Project

The Valles Caldera National Preserve (VCNP) is a crown jewel of New Mexico’s public land and has been described as the “Yellowstone of New Mexico”. Managed as an experimental trust, access by recreationists has been highly restricted. At the end of 2014, President Obama signed legislation that will permanently transfer the treasured Valles Caldera National Preserve from a trust to the National Park Service. This transition represents an excellent opportunity to increase public awareness, deepen community ties and expand recreation in this prized landscape. 2016 will mark the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service affording additional opportunities to engage the public and publicize the VCNP.

The Valles Caldera fence removal program has been underway since 2009, and focuses on two aspects: (1) removal of old fences that are no longer being used in our ongoing livestock grazing program, and (2) conversion of the remaining fences that are being used (and will be into the future) from “traditional” 5-strand barbed wire to “wildlife friendly” fences – this involves replacing the top and bottom strands of barbed wire with smooth wire (that doesn’t cut or catch animals trying to go over or under the fences), and raising the bottom wire to 18” high and lowering the top wire to 48” high – making it easier for animals to go over or under the fence.

So removal of the fences makes the landscape more open for wildlife movements and recreational activities (hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing), while fence conversion to “wildlife friendly” reduces wildlife injuries and also makes it easier for people (recreationists) to get past these fences as well.

Consistent with our organizational mission to foster protection, restoration and continued enjoyment of our wildlands, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is working in partnership with Valles Caldera National Preserve to undertake an extensive fence removal project. This work will provides us with the opportunity to introduce members of the community to this special land and complete a prioritized service project the will benefit wildlife and recreational use.

The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is partnering with the Cibola National Forest, Sandia Ranger District to lead a range of volunteer service projects that will suit all skill levels.

1. Placitas Trails Project- This project will relocate unauthorized trails that have been created within the Sandia Wilderness boundary that connect to mountain biking trails within the Bernalillo Watershed Research Natural Area. Approximately 3 miles of trail will be relocated to improve sustainability and connectivity of the trail system. Sigh up to help us with this project set to start in Fall 2015.

2. Fence Repair and Sign Replacement along the Wilderness Boundary- Several sections of the Sandia Wilderness boundary have had unauthorized use by motorized vehicles or mountain bikes due to the lack of signage or damaged fencing. The Cibola NF has identified sections along the boundary that need fence repair and sign replacement which help deter unauthorized use within the Sandia Wilderness. Sign up to help us with this project set to start in early 2016.

3. Pilot Test Graffiti Removal methods Over the last five years, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance collected data on graffiti found within and adjacent to the Sandia Wilderness in over 20 locations, and the graffiti continues to increase. Sign up with us to help pilot test a method to remove the graffiti.


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