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Otero Mesa

Sunday, 04 October 2015

Alamo Run

Petroglyphs dot Alamo Mountain, a sacred place for Mescalero Apache. Photo: Joelle Marier

Alamo Rainbow

Rare rain brings a rainbow to the backdrop of Alamo Mountain.


Wildflowers and cactus blooms color the mesa for spring. Photo: Nathan Newcomer

Alkali sacaton

This hearty and drought tolerant bunchgrass provides important forage for Otero Mesa wildlife. Photo: Joelle Marier


Otero Mesa's grasslands stretch across 1.2 million acres in south-central New Mexico along the Texas border.

Otero Off-trail

Otero Mesa's mountains are places for off trail adventure, discovery, and exploration. Photo: Joelle Marier

Past Lives

The inland sea that once covered this region left behind fossilized remnants of ancient sea life. Photo: Nathan Small

Subtle Sunset

Nathan Newcomer spent years putting Otero Mesa on the map.

Spiny Sanctuary

Sharp needles of the Christmas cholla protect a hidden bird nest from predators.

Golden Blue

That place where golden grasslands meet blue, blue sky.

Ancient Art

Photo: Joelle Marier

America's Wildest Grassland

Endless skies stretch above the wild rolling grasslands of Otero Mesa.

Sotol and Friend

Photo: Joelle Marier

Permian Starfish

Photo: Nathan Small

View from Flat Top

Photo: Joelle Marier

Black Grama

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