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Senate Memorial 40, which opposed any new wilderness in the Pecos, was tabled in the Senate Rules Committee on Friday, March 6. Six Pecos supporters testified in opposition; nobody was there in support.

Support for the Pecos expansion proposal is widespread and diverse, including the Pueblos of Nambe, Picuris, Pojoaque and Taos, City of Santa Fe, Mora and Santa Fe counties, almost 300 local businesses, and dozens of sportsmen and conservation organizations who represent tens of thousands of New Mexicans.

After the public testimony, Griego decided to pull the bill, saying, “this memorial was created and brought before this committee to start and to create discussions amongst all these advocates who are opposing this memorial; to create, again, a discussion to allow these ranchers and these farmers to express their opinions and I think we’ve done that Madam Chair. We’ve heard from all the opposition here. I don’t want to put the members here at risk to vote on this memorial because this memorial was only done to create a discussion. And I know we’ve gotten a couple of Op-Eds in the newspaper, both for and against, and that has created a discussion based on this memorial. So with that, Madam Chairman, what I’m going to ask, is I’m going to ask members of the committee to pull this memorial and to allow us to continue the discussion, outside the committee room, and then maybe to make sure that we come back with either a memorial, where we have reached agreement in regards to the wilderness.”

NM Wild would like to thank all of our members who called and sent e-mails to the Senate Rules Committee. Your voice makes all the difference.