Earth Matters / Aldo Leopold Eco Monitors

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN In this week’s edition of Earth Matters, co-producer Nathan Newcomer interviews students from the Aldo Leopold Charter School’s Eco-Monitoring Program. Based in Silver City, Aldo Leopold Charter School launched their Eco-Monitoring program several years ago to give students the opportunity to participate….

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Earth Matters / Gila National Forest Planning

In this week’s edition of Earth Matters, Donna Stevens – Executive Director of UGWA / Upper Gila Watershed Alliance – interviews New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Gila Grassroots Organizer and Earth Matters co-host Nathan Newcomer on the Gila National Forest planning process. The Forest Plan is….

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Staff Attorney Judy Calman Speaks with Melissa Williams from JourneySantaFe

Staff Attorney Judy Calman speaks to Melissa Williams about what NM Wild is currently doing to protect wilderness. Listen to the podcast here.

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Earth Matters / Terry Tempest Williams

In this installment of Earth Matters, Nathan Newcomer – Earth Matters co-producer and NM Wilderness Alliance Gila Grass Roots Organizer presents a recording of Terry Tempest Williams – keynote speaker at the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act conference in October 2014. Listen here.

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Archaeologists Worry As Drilling Approaches Chaco

The oil and gas industry in New Mexico is a big deal. It supports the state budget with hundreds of millions of dollars each year. But there are impacts, too – on air quality, water, public health and even cultural sites. In the first installment….

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