Past Campaigns

sabinoso Victory for the Sabinoso Wilderness Campaign

Victory! Sabinoso became Wilderness on March 24, 2009 when President Obama signed into law the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009. Area Description Rising 1,110 feet from the surrounding plains, the Sabinoso unit sits upon the Canadian Escarpment, which is composed mostly of the….

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arctic1 Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – Bird Year

In the far northeast corner of Alaska lies one of America’s great natural treasures, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Its 19 million acres comprise one of the last places on earth where an intact expanse of arctic and subarctic lands remain protected. It is….

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ntl_park1 National Parks Wilderness

The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance launches its 1,075,191-acre El Malpais National Monument proposal for wilderness in our New Mexico and Trans-Pecos National Parks. Through on-the-ground surveys and GIS analysis, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance found over one million road-free acres in the seven National Parks that….

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proposed1 2005 Citizens’ Wilderness Inventory

From 1999-2005, NM Wild conducted an ongoing field inventory of public wildlands throughout the state of New Mexico. The purpose of this inventory is to assess the suitability of public lands for Wilderness designation, and to identify any illegal activities or impacts within designated Wilderness….

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