Help make history

Dear Friend,

Today I want to thank you for the help you have given us on our various campaign and to speak with you in particular about one special campaign that is on the brink of success—the Rio Grande del Norte.

One important aspect of what we do is garnering support from different stakeholders, including traditional communities. Within the Rio Grande del Norte lies generations of people that have been on the land for some 400-plus years going back as far as 11 generations in some families—now that’s history! And we have worked hard to bring these traditional communities to the table for protecting public land.

Please give a tax-deductible year end gift to help us continue to work with traditional communities and other groups, whose support is a key ingredient in achieving the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

We have managed to secure traditional community support—something that will be vital to all conservation work as we move forward—for the Rio Grande del Norte campaign. One group that has stepped up to offer their support in protecting the Rio Grande del Norte as a national monument is the San Antonio de Rio Colorado Land Grant. This land grant has taken a major step working with conservation groups to get these areas protected through the federal legislative process.

Traditional communities are a vital piece of the puzzle in obtaining local support for protecting landscapes throughout New Mexico. Please give now to help us continue to work with various important stakeholders, which is essential if we are to obtain national monument status for Rio Grande del Norte.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support,

John Olivas, Traditional Community Organizer

As Traditional Community Organizer, Olivas represents traditional communities in northern New Mexico focusing his conservation work with grazing permittees, land grant members and Acequia Mayordomos and Parciantes. In addition to his role as traditional community organizer for NM Wild, Olivas is chairman of the Mora County Commission.


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